Friday, January 4, 2013

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Anzac Day is rapidly becoming more significant than Australia Day in Australian culture. Australia Day fireworks sparkle a little less but the crowds at Anzac dawn services increase each year. Flying the Aussie flag is more common and the Anzac football matches are just marginally less important than the AFL Grand Final.

Surely, the ultimate homage is to visit Anzac Cove in Turkey where the narrative was born. The Australian and Turkish Governments are already very concerned that they will be unable to handle the crowds.

When our group of photographers and writers visited Anzac Cove on a dreamy, overcast day in 2011 we were virtually the only living humans on the beach. I wandered alone reflecting on what had transpired 97 years beforehand.

Attaturk led Turkey to a bloody victory over teh Australian and allied troops. One of the greatest military leaders in modern times, Attaturk told his troops,
'I don't expect you to fight for your country. I expect you to die for your country'.

In post wart Turkey Attaturk created a template which was to guide Turkey to be  a role model as a modern, secular Islamic state. He praised his foes and he honoured women
“Everything we see in the world is the creative work of women.” 

Turkey is an elixir for writers, photographers and travellers. Our 'Turkish Delight' Tour starts on September 29 2013.

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