Monday, September 17, 2012

Dream Time in Turkey

 Who wouldn't want to be a part of this wonderful country when a decoration such as this sits on the wall above the double bed of the room we occupied in one of our tourist hotels. Someone in this country not only has exquisite artistic skills but a great sense of humor. And if one can take one's eyes off the lower half of the painting one can spy the original wedding celebration framed above the classic Turkish membership.
This brings me to the fact that an equally enchanting couple from our 2011 tour, Anne and Steven, are about to tie the knot next weekend (23/09/12). I am surprised that she is slowing down long enough to say 'I Do!!!' But we wish them both the very best and will raise a glass to their happiness at our reunion on the 23rd. "To Absent friends!" I have it on good authority that they are looking towards America and the Caribbean for their honeymoon.
PPS. I knew I would find an appropriate occasion for this photograph! Cheers, Connie,
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