Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friendships made in Turkey

Today is our reunion and it is appropriate to write a few words. Of course we not only visited Coppadoccia to fly in the balloons but had an extensive road trip to most ancient places and points of interest. No doubt there are many photos in albums everywhere to remind us. I've included just a few...more in my blogspot...http://conniemacwords and The is something some people found necessary to put in...I never do but... As you can see this area is one of romance and to me is almost a fairytale experience. Of course if one thinks of the poor people who had to make these caves and hillsides a home in order to escape religious prosecution then the idea of romance is immediately deleted.
 But it is all up to the individual. A personal recommendation is...try it but with an expert photographer accredited and full of good ideas as well as a travel writer who may open a new vista in writing for you. Thanks Dale and John.xxxooo 23/09/12 

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