Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Balloon Etiquette

'You may be small, but your always in the way', Connie said.
Now a tour leader with a thinner skin than mine might have taken offence and stepped on Connie's 200mm lens or if I was really offended leapt overboard with my parachute (except they didn't supply one.)
For those of you unfamiliar with balloon flight etiquette here are a few tips:
(Bear in mind there is VERY little room on board)
  1. Restrict fluid intake before flight
  2. Empty bladder before flight (or bring suitable receptacle)
  3. Freshen breath - everyone is VERY close
  4. Choose a section with attractive people
  5. When you practice landing position refrain from saying 'Oh Boy this feels good!'
  6. Board your balloon in as dignified a manner as age permits
  7. Disembark your balloon same way but wear tight fitting clothing
  8. Refrain from toasting marshmallows on gas flame
  9. Avoid dropping anything on basket floor as finding it may lead to unavoidable anatomical discoveries.
  10. Avoid saying 'You are only small but always in the way'
  11. Try 'Can I use your head as a tripod its just the right height and shape' instead.


  1. And I did drop something. My hat!

  2. Love this Dale, your humour shines through and having been on the flight I can really relate. I love this photo, so well designed with the hot air balloons in the background. I would love to have a copy of this photo please, high resolution jpeg would be great. Other group photos would also be welcome and if you have any good ones of me, I would also like to have a copy.

  3. Better late than...sorry Dale i didn't mean you were small in...... so please accept my apologies. I never said the back of your head was unattractive or your top but...I hope you weren't talking about my bad breath...then again fair's fair.Conniemac