Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Road to Ankara

Salih was like an old racehorse heading for water. Not only was it his birthday but Ankara was his home. The big Merc powered effortlessly across the Anatolian Plains towards Ankara while John Harman delivered us another fascinating history lesson on Turkey.

More than once Salih pulled the bus onto the verge to allow the photographers to shoot the dappled landscapes with long lenses. Undulating grazing country gave way to a huge salt lake. We stopped in at the salt lake to take a few shots and glug our boots with slushy salt.

The signs at the cafe told me that that the salt would remove blackheads, make me slimmer and prolong life. I wasn't sure if one ate the salt, bathed in it or rubbed it on one's body. Anyway, the signs didn't mention improving my sex life so I decided not to buy any.

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