Monday, September 19, 2011

Animal Day in Istanbul

'No, bus, we walk' Omer announced. So it was a Shank's Pony tour ar we set off towards Topkapi Palace. We were lucky there were only about five million people there. Omer said the crowds were smaller than usual. Most were off the cruise ships - Germans, Brazilians, Dutch, Canadians, Americans. Omer said the crowds were usually much bigger. Topkapi Palace was filled with all the trappings of the Ottoman Sultans - jewels, elaborate clothing and ceremonial swords. As we trecked between the palace and the Blue Mosque Omer said he felt like 'a donkey leading camels'. I'm still pondering this deep philosophical observation.

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  1. Think Omer's analogy might be aluding to his feeling of deference; you know, his donkey to your camels, his humble place in the pecking order of things. Either that or you guys were just completely strapped to the hilt with Nikons.