Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Great Library at Ephesus


Here are a few of my favourite photos so far of this amazing tour. Turkey is the most wonderful place to be. The Turkish people are friendly and charming wherever we go and love to be photographed which is so refreshing. Even the children love to be photographed. We all loved Troy. It was so peaceful. We could have stayed there for a couple of hours to take in the marvellous views and sense of history. Pergamon was on top of a very high hill and we took a cable car to get to the top. Wonderful ruins to be explored. Ephesus was an enormous site and quite crowded even early in the morning but we took a couple of hours to explore about two kilometres of streets with outstanding ruins. A photographer's paradise!

Annie in Aspendos
Lady on Bosphorus

Turkish boy near Pamukkale


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  1. This is a beautiful series, Abs, and i love the pictures! It makes me want to travel to Turkey!