Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My red case will arrive home on Thursday!

It's now all about planning those last things before travel.  My red case will be on its way back from touring in  the US with my daughter Catherine.  They arrive home together on Thursday afternoon.
I will spend this weekend sorting out my gear and checking that I have everything ready.
History and travel books have been good to set up background to the place.  Now I am focusing on the present: what will I see, what will be the sounds and the smells. 
See the story, find the angle - people and places, will I write vibrant narrative.
Checked in to You Tube - hot air ballooning in Cappadocia!  Well - it looks wonderful; organised and easy. And it has a musical accompaniment. Stunning scenery for anyone sure to take in photographic memory.
Dale did talk about the light - "observe light and how it falls on faces and landscape". Travel is observation: Turkey will be a remarkable experience. I am looking forward to sharing all our adventures.

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  1. Don't forget most compacts and some DSLRs now have a video function. In between shooting stills shooting 20 secs of video can add zing to any AV presentation, capturing both vision and audio.