Sunday, September 11, 2011

Embracing the Turkish Culture

At the recent workshop when I mentioned to Dale that I hadn’t had time to get excited for our Turkish Delight trip, I thought I detected a little disappointment in what possibly appeared to be my lack of enthusiasm. So now we are less than a week away, I thought I should assure Dale that I am making serious preparations for the forthcoming photography and writing adventure in Turkey. As you can see by the attached image, I have found some Turkish Delights to assist me in getting into the spirit (pun intended!) of place. I am now embracing the Turkish culture and cuisine with much enthusiasm!

I also have my case open on the bed in the spare room although there is absolutely nothing in it at this stage. There is a huge list on the fridge of things to get and do prior to leaving however. But I have packed the important stuff – my photography gear. As our friend Lidia says, toothbrush and undies and as long as the camera gear is sorted, you’re packed!! So I guess I’m packed and ready to go after-all – and I am excited!! See you all in Istanbul on Sunday – travel safe. H

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