Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Boats, boats, everywhere one turns there seem to be boats. Big boats, small boats and inbetween sized boats. There are fishing boats, ferries, gigantic ocean liners, military and cargo boats, or rather ships. From the first day I arrived in Turkey, I have seen boats.
The day we left Istanbul, golly was that only yesterday, there were six ocean liners in the city. They are so huge and they were lined up along the shores of the Golden Horn. When we were at Topkapi Palace I saw an ocean liner from a viewpoint on one side of the palace and on the other side I saw large cargo vessels.
As I gazed out of the window of my room at the Kolin Hotel I pondered on what I could write in a further article. I looked across the water to the other side of Canakkale and the topic came to me. On the waterway there were a stream of vessels sailing in both directions. It is a sight to behold. After a wet afternoon, the sun shone on the vessels as they sailed past.
Yesterday we cruised along the Bosphorous. What an enjoyable sail, both for pleasure and for admiring the magnificent architecture along the shoreline.
Later, we also travelled across the Marmara Sea by ferry. Then today we travelled to the other side of Canakkale also by ferry and returned after a trip to Gallipoli. So boats have been a mode of transport on our trip thus far.
I also thought of my husband, who in his past was a merchant marine and wondered what he would make of these sights.

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